Since 1987, Dream® has been providing leading edge Hardware and Software solutions for sound synthesis and sound processing worldwide.


Dream® continuously develops new dedicated DSP’s and Firmware for electronic musical instruments, Karaoke equipment, effect devices….and much more.


These are supported by reference designs, easy-to-use development tools, various sound banks and efficient technical support.


Dream® launches new member of the SAM5000 series of Digital Audio Processors

03.04.2015   Today Dream® announces the launch of a new member of the SAM5000 Series of Digital Audio Processors, the SAM5504B

Main features are:

            - DREAM DSP Array of 4 x 24/56-bit DSP cores

            - 40k x 24 on chip RAM

            - USB 2.0 High Speed port

            - S/PDIF interface

            - Large library of effect algorithms

            - Small footprint 64-pin LQFP package

The ultimate choice for Effect devices, Speaker processing, USB Audio interfaces, low cost Keyboards, Controller Keyboards

Dream® releases Sound Development Suite V3.0

16.02.2015   Today Dream® releases the Sound Development Tools V3.0. The new 5000-SDK Sound Development Kit for 5000 series ICs allows now loading of very big high quality sounds/sound banks into on-board NAND Flash (2 GByte mounted). The Sound Development tools provide the possibility to purchase sounds under license and integrate them in custom sound banks. New Dream High Quality Sound Packages are available now also for 5000 series ICs.

Dream® proudly announces a new milestone in Digital Audio Processing

20.01.2015   Today Dream® announes the launch of a new generation of Digital Audio Processing DSPs, the SAM5000 series.
Main features of the new series are:

    - Up to 256-voice polyphony for crisp sound synthesis using proven DSP-Array® architecture
    - Huge soundbanks in up to 8 GByte NAND Flash
    - Copy protected sound banks, on the fly AES format decryption
    - 56-bit accuracy, specific hardware accelerated DSP Audio instructions
    - SW compatible to the landmark 3000 series
    - Up to two independent USB 2.0 High Speed ports
    - Ethernet MAC on chip
    - S/PDIF Interface

The full line is in mass production, samples, eval boards and comprehensive development tools on request

Interested? Please contact us and stay connected!

Dream® introduces new SAM2695 all-in-one single chip synthesizer

03.04.2014   Today Dream® introduces a new member of its successful line of SAM2000 series, the all-in-one single chip synthesizer SAM2695. This single chip Synthesizer is the ideal choice for Mike Karaoke, small keyboards, musical toys and everywhere where a low cost, small, full General MIDI synthesizer is needed. Compared to the famous SAM2195 it brings the following improvements: Microphone input, Mike Echo, improved CODEC, smaller footprint, less power consumption (18mA typ.).