Typical Application

Digital Piano / Keyboard


Integrated Digital Musical Instrument with built-in CODEC

The SAM2655 integrates into a single chip a proprietary DREAM®  DSP core (64-slots DSP + 16-bit microcontroller), a 32k x 16 RAM, an LCD display interface, an Audio Codec and a scanner allowing direct connection to velocity sensitive keyboards, switches, LEDs, sliders. With addition of a single external ROM or FLASH, a complete low cost musical instrument can be built, including reverb and chorus effects, parametric equalizer, orchestrations, pitch bend, wheel controller, without compromising on sound quality.


PDF Description Updated

SAM2655 Integrated Digital Music Instrument with built-in CODEC (not recommended for new design)


Key Parameters

Package LQFP128, pitch 0.4
# on chip DSP 1
DSP type 64-slot
max. Polyphony 64
Internal Memory 32kx16 RAM
External Memory 64MB Flash, SRAM
I/O Interfaces serial MIDI, 8bit LCD, SPI, 10bit ADC, GPIO
Audio I/O 1 IN / 2 OUT (analog)

Sound Banks

Name Description

8 MByte CleanWave®. 128 GM sounds, 225 variations, 9 drum sets, 1 SFX set.

Application Notes

Reference Description
Migrate from SAM2553 to SAM2655

AN_2655_MigrateFromSAM2553toSAM2655.pdf (4 pages)

SAM2655 is the replacement for SAM2553. More than a simple shrunk version of SAM2553, SAM2655 also brings new features. This document describes the new features and helps migrating SAM2553 applications in SAM2655 applications.